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When your neighbors give you blackberries…

Make Blackberry Cobbler of course!

My neighbor does not cook.  I like to cook.  She has a garden.  I do not.  Thank goodness she shares!

We set out with a bucket to collect the blackberries.  I had to hang it up on the fence because Gabby, the neighbor’s dog, kept trying to steal the berries in the bucket.  It was cute, but only the first time…I wanted the blackberries!  Once we knew how much we had to work with I went to google….and voila…Grass Fed Girl’s Paleo Blackberry Cobbler.

Delightful!  This recipe is delicious!  All the blackberry fans in my home gobbled it up while it was still hot!

Here is mine when it came out of the oven…after I tried a little bite…I had to check it!

The recipe was super easy to follow and I think that it came out perfectly.  Although I didn’t use an 8×8 pan I didn’t change a thing!  Excellent way to get coconut milk and flour into my kids’ mouths….they never go for it when they see it.  But you can’t taste it, just ooey, gooey, blackberry deliciousness complimented with the pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup!


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