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Bruschetta was the only appropriate way I felt I could truly show my gratitude to my neighbor after she brought me almost an entire bushel of tomatoes….after all it is her favorite food. She takes favorite to a whole new meaning with her love of this tasty Italian treat…she talks about it often, and lights up when it is even mentioned..and I’ve seen a little drool associated with this.

Soooo…I headed over to The Pioneer Woman and used her delightfully simple recipe to thank my neighbor. Substituting my gifted tomatoes for the grape tomatoes called for.

I absolutely love The Pioneer Woman …along with a good chunk of America…seriously, look at how many dedicated followers she has! Very down to earth….and I have never made a recipe of hers that has not been a huge hit with my picky brood!

So, thank you for helping bring smiles from ear to ear on our little street!

My neighbor gave us some fresh apple butter from a local farm…..I wonder what I can make with that to say thank you. Suggestions?


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