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Food Waste – Funky smelling meat and a tomato

This week I wasted some hamburg that I forgot about in the back of my fridge….it looked ok, but I don’t mess with meat…and it smelled really bad!

My husband has been traveling for work through the week and on the weekends he is home and cooks all of his meals to take for the week. He made sliders and left us some when he was away. He told me he put them in on the shelf and I thought they were already cooked, but I was wrong…and I forgot about them anyway. I don’t like wasting food, but wasting meat really bothers me.

I also woke up to a very moldy tomato. It was from my neighbor’s garden and still looked very vibrant in color, but hiding below the surface was a lot of mold. I could see it in the cracks and I don’t want to eat mold. So, I put it outside in the back corner of the yard where there is an old compost pile. I think the crazy squirrels will eat it.

I always try not to waste food, but I was inspired to put the truth out there by The Frugal Girl

What I really like is that last week I received suggestions about how I could have used the food that I considered waste. Getting ideas for better resourcefulness is very handy! Although bad meat is bad meat…I’m definitely going to keep doing this. There are always things that aren’t meat that I just don’t know what to do with.


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  1. I don’t mess with old meat or mold either. I have heard that mold spores travel through wet material like produce, even though we can;t see them. One of the few foods that I’ve heard is safe to eat after visible mold is removed, is hard cheese. A little waste is better than illness, anytime!

    • No joke! Food born illnesses take a really long time to go through our household with 4 little ones! is a great website to check on shelf lives of different foods, as well as how to extend it…it explains things such as when to wash produce – right when you buy it or right before eating. Very handy!

  2. The squirrels or birds will like the tomato. We have a chipmunk that likes to eat our cherry tomatoes from the vine. He very carefully eats the whole thing except the skin.

  3. I’m always prepared to hack away a mouldy bit on some foods, but meat gone bad is another thing entirely, and as for squishy, mouldy tomatoes, they’re out too! Will check out the – sounds good!


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