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Slow Cooker Potatoes

This week has been crazy. We’ve been out late every night so far. I usually think of slow cooking only in the fall and winter because it’s just so homey and we love thick, warm, cozy foods when it’s cold out. But since I didn’t have a lot of time in the afternoon I grabbed our slow cookers and put them to use.

First I made BBQ Chicken. It was nice walking into a house that smelled like summer, but without the grilling. The BBQ was sweet with just a little spicy bite. Everyone enjoyed this with some of Gram’s Coleslaw and some watermelon.

Then I made Baked Ziti in the slow cooker and served it with a salad. Not a bite of leftovers. Yay! I was worried about this one. My kids usually don’t go for baked ziti, and I thought the noodles would be mushy. It was pretty good though and even the pickiest of my kids ate everything they were served.

Tonight I was in a pickle…I need to go to the market tomorrow to restock…our fridge echoes like the grand canyon right now. But, I had some BBQ chicken from two nights ago leftover, and a bag of small red potatoes. Darn it…not much for variety! Potatoes and slow cooking have not gone well for me in the past, but I had to do something. 365 Days of Slow Cooking had a slow cooking method I had never tried before and so I gave it a go. It worked out great and was super easy to clean up!

Here is what the potatoes looked like when I got home.

I spooned them out, cut them into quarters and sprinkled with salt. A couple slices of cucumber and dinner was served.

I was nervous that the potatoes would not be cooked all the way…which was a minor worry considering I was really nervous that I was going to come home to burned potatoes stuck like concrete in the bottom of a pyrex dish inside a slow cooker. But, they were perfect! Tender all the way through, not mushy at all, and definitely not burned.

I recommend being very careful with the oven safe dish that is placed in the bottom of the slow cooker. I had a little issue with condensation from cooking getting between the pyrex dish and the slow cooker causing a slight vacuum seal. Just be easy with it, mine came out fine after a little TLC.

I’m so glad that there are so many great slow cooker recipes out there. If dinner wasn’t ready to go I would have an anarchy on my hands. What do you do for busy nights?


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