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Old Tuna, a raunchy onion, a bad peach, and an egg who rolled away

This week was a wasteful week for us. If I had noticed sooner I could have made some tuna salad with the onion and tuna, but I overlooked them.

We also lost a peach. It’s been humid here and with our windows open the life span of our peaches was shortened. This was the only one that molded up, but the rest got pretty soft overnight. Only one day old, too. So sad. I used the soft, not moldy ones to make peach cobbler cupcakes

And finally, when I was making the said cupcakes an egg made a roll for it. Sadly, it met it’s fate when it landed in our sink. Poor thing…


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  1. Lucky your egg landed in the sink. Raw eggs are really hard to clean up. Too bad about your peach. I love fresh peaches.


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