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Mold vs Waffles and a cucumber….Mold won!

It’s been 95% humidity here or greater for over a week. I can take high temps, but humidity just makes me fall apart…it makes my hair frizzy, makes my pants stick to my legs, and in general makes me cranky. I know I’m not the only one out there that feels his way either.

This week the humidity claimed our left over waffles and one farm market cucumber (not pictured).

Also not pictured was a container of leftover meringue. We made it for our Baked Alaska Cupcakes but the meringue portion of the recipe was entirely too much for us. I read several recommendations online about how to store meringue to make it last, and the consensus was air tight container in the fridge. The meringue separated and was a runny mess of egg whites with very weak white meringue foam on top…no thank you. Is there a way to save it? My husband was quite sad the evening I washed it down the drain…he wanted to eat it. 😦


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  1. I had to work outside all day today in the heat and humidity and I haven’t cooled off yet. I think I know what your waffles went through.


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