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Food Waste – A potato, some turkey….and almost a whole meal!

This week we lost a potato to mold, some deli turkey and sadly almost an entire meal. I have no picture of the gross slow cooker meal.

The meal came from a blog that I’ve used tons of times and have never had a single failure with. It was sad, really. I won’t ditch the site, but I definitely will not make this again. It was an Asian style chicken dish and required a lot of soy sauce. But there was a lot of honey as well, I thought it would balance it out….I was wrong. Everyone tried it, no one ate more than a bite.

It was not very good at all. The soy sauce was just way to salty for us. It was a slow cooker meal, and it tasted burnt as well.

It pained me to toss so much chicken. Not so much because of the cost, although that is annoying…I can think of much better things to do with the money instead of wasting it on something I put in the garbage can. But the more I think of why it really bothers me to toss meat the more it hits me that the real reason is because a living thing had to die for us to eat it. Now, I’m not going to get all crazy or anything, but it’s something to think about. I mean, I wouldn’t just go take out an animal for the heck of it, and I don’t care that the animals are bred for this either…I still wouldn’t take them out for the heck of it.

So, sorry Mr. Turkey and Mr. Chicken….


Mold vs Waffles and a cucumber….Mold won!

It’s been 95% humidity here or greater for over a week. I can take high temps, but humidity just makes me fall apart…it makes my hair frizzy, makes my pants stick to my legs, and in general makes me cranky. I know I’m not the only one out there that feels his way either.

This week the humidity claimed our left over waffles and one farm market cucumber (not pictured).

Also not pictured was a container of leftover meringue. We made it for our Baked AlaskaĀ Cupcakes but the meringue portion of the recipe was entirely too much for us. I read several recommendations online about how to store meringue to make it last, and the consensus was air tight container in the fridge. The meringue separated and was a runny mess of egg whites with very weak white meringue foam on top…no thank you. Is there a way to save it? My husband was quite sad the evening I washed it down the drain…he wanted to eat it. šŸ˜¦

Old Tuna, a raunchy onion, a bad peach, and an egg who rolled away

This week was a wasteful week for us. If I had noticed sooner I could have made some tuna salad with the onion and tuna, but I overlooked them.

We also lost a peach. It’s been humid here and with our windows open the life span of our peaches was shortened. This was the only one that molded up, but the rest got pretty soft overnight. Only one day old, too. So sad. I used the soft, not moldy ones to make peach cobbler cupcakes

And finally, when I was making the said cupcakes an egg made a roll for it. Sadly, it met it’s fate when it landed in our sink. Poor thing…

Food Waste – Funky smelling meat and a tomato

This week I wasted some hamburg that I forgot about in the back of my fridge….it looked ok, but I don’t mess with meat…and it smelled really bad!

My husband has been traveling for work through the week and on the weekends he is home and cooks all of his meals to take for the week. He made sliders and left us some when he was away. He told me he put them in on the shelf and I thought they were already cooked, but I was wrong…and I forgot about them anyway. I don’t like wasting food, but wasting meat really bothers me.

I also woke up to a very moldy tomato. It was from my neighbor’s garden and still looked very vibrant in color, but hiding below the surface was a lot of mold. I could see it in the cracks and I don’t want to eat mold. So, I put it outside in the back corner of the yard where there is an old compost pile. I think the crazy squirrels will eat it.

I always try not to waste food, but I was inspired to put the truth out there by The Frugal Girl

What I really like is that last week I received suggestions about how I could have used the food that I considered waste. Getting ideas for better resourcefulness is very handy! Although bad meat is bad meat…I’m definitely going to keep doing this. There are always things that aren’t meat that I just don’t know what to do with.

Food waste – I married an oatmeal snob, and it’s hereditary


After 10 days I’m just going to call this a loss. My kids won’t touch it…especially since they are oatmeal snobs. They get this from their Dad, he is one, too. They all prefer the little packets. I’ve tried all sorts of recipes….varied flavors, baking, slow cooking, etc…to no avail. I love oatmeal…but there’s only so much I can eat! Our oats have been banished to cookies.