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Watermelon Sorbet…or Mohito Slushy?

In order to save a couple of pounds of watermelon from going bad the kids and I made some sorbet for them, and I stumbled upon a wonderful cocktail find!

I was all set to put my ice cream maker to use when I started searching for a recipe, but all of the ones I found didn’t require one, so less clean up and I appreciate that. I decided to go with the recipe from Leite’s Culinaria.

Although our texture didn’t come out the same as her photographed sorbet I think that I can attribute that to the fact that my children’s patience was tapped at 3 hours of this stuff in the freezer. I think that a couple more would have undoubtedly helped with this. 3 out of 4 kids consumed this sorbet with a purpose. One licked the bowl. I didn’t have high expectations for the fourth, he is a vanilla only kind of kid.

I thought the sorbet was extraordinarily sweet…and I have a sweet tooth. But I’m definitely going to make this again. The mint in this recipe immediately made me think of mojitos. So, a little light rum and club soda will make this sorbet into a mojito slushy…delightful for the grownups in our home. The weather has been cooler by me, but I think there’s still one last heat wave in this summer…so we’re having mojito slushies before fall…definitely!